What are your stats?
I’m pretty petite at only 5’0 and 90lb! My bra size is 30B or 32A. I wear a size S in panties, size XSP in other clothing, and a size 6.5 in shoes. I’m a natural brunette but I like to mix up my hair sometimes!

What ethnicity are you? What kind of accent do you have?
I get this question a lot for some reason! I’m Caucasian/European, my family lineage is from France, but I am American. I currently live in the Midwest of the United States and have been told I have a mix between a West Coast and Midwest accent!

What are you studying in school?
I’m currently in my freshman year of computer science! I’d really like to be a software engineer one day and maybe even make video games!

What are your hobbies?
Good question! I have a lot of hobbies. My favorites are sci-fi, programming, casual video games, books, punk/pop music, travel, decorating, shopping, and of course making cute and nerdy porn! Stargate and Star Trek are my two favorite sci-fi fandoms, and Orson Scott Card is my current favorite sci-fi author!

Do you have a boyfriend?
Not currently! I’m taking some time for myself right now and really enjoying spending all my free time on my hobbies!

Do you meet fans?
Nope! However, I do frequently meet up with other men and women in the industry to film together! If you are a performer who is interested in working with me, and have a verifiable social media presence, please contact me!

Why do you have lactation videos?
I learned about inducing lactation and thought it would be cool to try it! I lactated for about 2-3 months and filmed some sexy videos during this time. I do not have plans at this time to re-induce lactation!

What made you get into porn?
For a few months I had been posting nudes on Reddit just for fun, but then I saw someone creating custom content and thought that sounded like a cool idea! It’s also had the unexpected benefit of allowing me to put money towards three of my favorite hobbies–video games, shopping, and travel!

Where can I see more of you?
Now that you know all about me, commission something special for yourself or see all my pics and vids on my OnlyFans!